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Instagram Cracks Down On Fake Accounts

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Instagram fake accounts
Instagram fake accounts

We use Instagram to have real, genuine interaction. From sharing photos of the family, to running ads for your business. You want real people to interact with. So, Instagram is making changes to make sure things stay that way.

This week, Instagram announced that they’ll be cracking down on inauthentic accounts and likes. In their announcement, they acknowledged they’ve seen accounts using third-party apps to get more likes and followers and are stopping it.

Instagram fake accounts
Instagram is shutting down fake accounts

How are they doing it?

According to their announcement, they have “built machine learning tools to help identify accounts that use these services and remove the inauthentic activity. This type of behavior is bad for the community, and [these fake accounts] violate our Community Guidelines and Terms of Use.”

Using their tools to identify these accounts, they will send an in-app message informing these accounts of the changes. Then, the inauthentic followers, likes, and comments will be removed. Next, the user will be prompted to change their password.

In addition, Instagram acknowledged that people may have unknowingly provided their usernames and passwords to such third parties. So, if you receive one of these in-app messages, simply change your password. As a result, access to your account from third parties will be removed.

What does this mean for me?

This is great news for businesses that use Instagram. You can now feel confident in knowing that the followers, likes, comments, and messages that you are receiving are legitimate and authentic.

In the past, Instagram had received scrutiny for not doing enough in these sort of situations. So, it is great to see that these changes are being made for the user's benefit.

Happy Hunting!

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