What is Social Commerce? Answers & Tips for Digital Marketers

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social commerce featured
social commerce featured

eCommerce brands have used social media as a vehicle for customers to discover new products for a long time. Moving forward, however, social commerce is changing that role.

Just like bubble wrap was first invented to be wallpaper before it was used as an insulator, social media's role in the digital marketing strategy is evolving. So, where are the signs pointing? 

Moving forward, social media will be the channel from which customers purchase the products they have discovered.

How Social Media is Evolving into Social Commerce

One of the primary reasons for the growth of social commerce is the reach. Social media channels can reach billions of people easily, and it provides more user targeting options than traditional or offline advertising. This makes it a no-brainer for most brands.

Another reason is social media’s ability to create ‘real’ interactions. This is something online shopping platforms struggle to accomplish. Retailers often display the humdrum of normal life, while social media has intrigue and excitement.

The global pandemic has also sped up the growth of online shopping in a major way. The situation has also increased social media participation and boosted engagement substantially.


In May, TikTok began experimenting testing eCommerce features for various brands in Europe.

But what does TikTok offer right now to boost your eCommerce sales?

  • Tag Challenges
  • Brand Stickers
  • In-Feed Ads
  • Awareness Programs
  • Influencer Support
  • Tappable Video Links

TikTok also has a global partnership deal with Shopify. The gist of it means it should be easier for Shopify’s merchants to engage with TikTok’s users. 

TikTok also plans to make it easier for users to find Shopify merchants and their products through video and other methods. It also plans to allow users to buy through the TikTok app.

Facebook & Instagram

Facebook isn’t going to let the social commerce movement slip through their extensive net so they have provided various solutions.

Facebook has created Facebook Shop and Instagram Shop, which allow users to browse and make purchases. These stores also provide the opportunity to connect with sellers via messaging services. 

Social Commerce for Twitter

When it comes to social commerce, Twitter appears to be falling behind. And although Twitter tried this in the past and retired it, some of the best ideas get revived when the timing is right. And it looks like the timing is right today, because Twitter is offering the Shop Module for sellers to leverage the platform. 

What does the Shop Module do? This allows businesses to show products in a carousel format. Potential customers can click on a product to learn more and then buy it without ever leaving Twitter. This Shop Module can be found at the top of a business profile. 


Pinterest isn’t going to be left behind either! So what is it up to? Pinterest is looking to offer a feature that saves shoppable pins. If the price point changes on these goods, the user will also be informed.

And although not available everywhere yet, it is already in the UK and USA. These ‘shopping’ pins will provide shipping prices and reviews. 

Final Thoughts on Social Commerce

There are constant reminders to diversify your digital advertising efforts. And while this may be another such reminder it could mean more as social commerce sales in the US are forecast to reach $36 billion in 2021.

So take a closer look at various strategies in the space, test, and see what works. And take advantage of this relatively ‘new’ digital marketing option.

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