Use Instagram Countdown Stickers for Your Business

By Tim Burd - February 7, 2019 6289 Views
Instagram continues to give its users features to make marketing as easy as ever.
By Tim Burd - February 7, 2019 6290 Views

Use Instagram Countdown Stickers in your Instagram Stories

Instagram countdown stickers are a great way to promote time-sensitive events and offerings. In this article, I will cover the basics of an Instagram countdown sticker and ways that you can take advantage of this feature for your business.

What is an Instagram Countdown Sticker?

In the past, Facebook has commonly been used by marketers for event reminders and notifications. Instagram countdown stickers are changing that. Instagram now gives the ability to set reminders for any day and time up to 1 year later. Therefore, making sure your audience is notified. Combine this with other features like actions buttons and links in your bio to drive sales, sign-ups, and more for your business. Tips for interaction on Instagram here.


Countdown stickers are giving marketers new ways to take advantage of Instagram.
Use Instagram Countdown stickers to keep your audience engaged and excited about your offerings or service.


When an individual taps on the countdown sticker they can:

  • Turn on notifications.
  • Click Remind Me button to set reminders.
  • Users have the ability to share the countdown with their individual stories.

Adding the Instagram Countdown Sticker to Your Story

Start by uploading your Instagram story, tap on the Sticker Icon and select Countdown Sticker. Next, you can edit the sticker by selecting the name, the end date, and the design.


Customize your countdown stickers to best fit your business.
The countdown sticker defaults to the blue and purple gradient color but can be edited to a variety of other color options. Click on the rainbow circle on top of the screen to see your options.


How to Use Instagram Stickers for Your Business?

Share Time-Sensitive Sales and Contests: Reinforce the urgency of the time constraint to your audience. Once the sale or contest has started, post a countdown sticker to inform your audience when it is going to end. As a result, this will send the message to the audience that time is limited so they should take action. Click for more information on leveraging Instagram Story Ads.

Countdown to Life Broadcast: Using live broadcasts on Instagram is a good marketing strategy. Let your users know when you will be going live again with a countdown sticker. Those who have set reminders will be notified. Assuring they do not miss the next live show.

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