Top 3 eCommerce Email Marketing Design Practices

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email marketing design practices
email marketing design practices

What are the top two goals of product marketing? First, to highlight benefits to the customer. And second, to do it in a way that catches the customer’s attention. The former touches on copy content, while the latter on design.

Finding the optimal balance between the two can help you effectively capture and engage your customer base. 

Here are the major benefits of effective email marketing design for your eCommerce brand:

With these benefits in mind, how can you maximize the power of effective email marketing design?

Best Practices and Expert Tips for Effective eCommerce Email Marketing Design

Let's dive into the major role design plays in your eCommerce marketing efforts by taking a look at these best design practices.

1. Let Your Email Marketing Design Do the Talking

One highly engaging practice is to show, not tell. And this product design from No Limit Creatives speaks for itself with zero verbiage beyond the product label. 

email marketing design practices prune

The design creates a feeling of refreshment and associates the product with drinking crisp, hydrating juice from a super-cool bottle.

These are the subliminal ideas your audience picks up on through your visuals. Done right, it’s sure to make them stop scrolling to see what the ad copy has to offer. Or better yet, it’ll even get your customers to click through and view the product.

This practice shines during holiday-themed marketing events. Forchics applied this in their Valentine’s Day emails. 

forchics valentines

The lovely lady in a beautiful red dress, a rose, and the overall color scheme just screams Valentine’s Day.

2. Speak the Language of Your Target Audience

Specific products have specific audiences. Center your messaging around your niche audience and speak their language.

With the right targeting, messaging, and visual cues, you'll reach the audience that’s already interested in this type of product.

3 keto

Give them a one-two punch: Throw in a clear and catchy headline to catch your viewer’s attention. Follow-up immediately with benefits that resonate with your target audience.

What’s a great way to amplify the effect of this design practice? User-Generated Content (UGC) and customer testimonials can help convey the messaging your customers need to hear. Forchics made use of a customer’s video review of one of their products.

4 eyelash

Combining a well-designed hero image and a video demo of your product is an extremely effective way to capture your target audience. In the end, both convey customer benefits. They both give specific customers specific information that resonates with them.

3. Keep it Stylishly Simple

Take the design elements that resonate with your target audience and they’ll adore you for it. In the end, it’s the style that sticks in customers’ minds. This is where your creativity takes the wheel while still staying on the road of your branding standards.

self care email marketing design practices

Use the colors and elements that bring out the emotions you want your customers to feel. Connect to your audience and speak to them through your visuals. Overcomplicated designs will only overwhelm and ultimately drive off would-be customers.

Additional Tips for Effective Marketing Design

  • Draw from your industry and learn which types of creatives are working to convert your audience into followers or customers. Every industry has an overall style to its design, and you can leverage that style with a specific design approach at the campaign level.
  • Know your audience. Specifically, know what they like, dislike, relate to and agree with. If you know your audience, you can do amazing things through design to create a stronger and more devoted customer base.
  • For highly engaged audiences, showcase products with simple designs. This empowers your product to speak to your audience and lets the design of the image fade to the background. When your audience is hot and they know they need your product, just seeing that product on a simple color background could spark clicks.
  • If your audience is only barely engaged, go for the wow factor. A design with more graphic elements will catch a browser’s eye and is more likely to lead them to read more information about your offer.

Amazing and effective design requires a dedicated workforce. This means you'll need to allocate a good chunk of your team to focus on this sort of work. We understand if that's something you can't really afford to do, especially if you're already stretched out thin.

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