How Organic Marketing Can Establish Your Instagram Brand Identity

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organic marketing instagram brand identity featured
organic marketing instagram brand identity featured

People love Instagram for its vibrant communities, cultural relevance, and sharing of visual expression. These features have helped many organizations build an Instagram brand identity that generates revenue through organic posts and engagement.

The brands with large and engaged audiences didn’t have success handed to them. (Success is never handed to anyone, especially on social media.) They worked hard to build an Instagram presence that is popular, entertaining, creative, and relevant. 

Further, they were able to create a clear and recognizable brand personality by being consistent and cohesive across all their Instagram posts and engagements.

Changing Perspective on Your Instagram Brand Identity

It’s important to make sure you have the right mindset before you start building your brand organically on Instagram, or your attempts at growth will feel like a waste of time.

Yes, developing your presence on the app will be time-consuming. But it’s better to think of it as an opportunity, not a chore. 

Every business has a story, and Instagram is one of the best places to tell your story in your brand’s voice. 

What differentiates you from your competitors is what your story is, how you tell it, and how it resonates with your audience. After all, isn’t that what everyone wants on social media? To tell their story and have someone listen?

Organic Instagram marketing is a long game. It takes a lot of patience and commitment, but if you do it right and it pays off, it will have an amazing impact on your brand and business.

And if you don’t know where to start optimizing your Instagram presence, the best place is your profile.

Establishing Brand Identity with Your Instagram Profile

Your Instagram profile is a direct reflection of your brand. And when people land on your account, you only have a few seconds to convert them into a follower. That’s why it’s essential to create a look and feel for your profile that aligns with your brand.

Emotion tends to evoke the strongest responses from users, and brands that don’t have a clear personality don’t exactly evoke a whole lot of emotion.

If your profile is going to resonate with people, you’ll need to personify your brand.

Start by figuring out who your brand is. If you have an existing account, what is the tone of your previous posts? Happy, serious, educational, funny? These factors can all be conveyed via Instagram if you use your tone thoughtfully and consistently in your captions.

Think of your feed as the inner workings of your brand’s psyche, and make sure you’re sharing that appropriately. In short, your profile is all about the overall... vibe. (Even though we hate to use that term because it’s so damn hard to define.)

You know what we mean, however, because you just get a certain vibe from well-curated Instagram accounts. 

Finally, just as we don’t like erratic and unreliable people, we also don’t like erratic and unreliable brands. Consistency, consistency, consistency. We say it a lot because it’s important, and well, because we’re consistent. 

3 Tips For Your Instagram Brand Identity “Vibe”

People like stories. They’re entertaining, and entertainment is engaging.

And your profile’s vibe plays a big part in telling the story of who you are and what you’re about. 

Your profile’s vibe comes from elements like your colour palette, imagery, focus, captions, fonts, patterns, grids, etc. Each of these factors will be unique to your brand, but there are a few best practices that make your Instagram profile a good foundation for organic marketing.

1. Choose Content that Supports the Brand 

Be thoughtful when setting up your account. Everything — your bio, emojis, hashtags, and captions — should have intent behind them. Each of these elements should serve a purpose and contribute to your overall brand personality.

2. Write a Captivating Bio

Your Instagram bio needs to contain the important details about your business. Standard details include your name, a branded hashtag, contact info, a compelling CTA, and a website link. 

We also recommend including a few key values and/or unique selling points to really tell your audience what they want to know straight up.

3. Use Instagram Story Highlights

Saved Instagram Story highlights at the top of your profile can introduce users to your brand and show them what you’re all about. More often than not, your highlights will be the first thing users look at. (Yes, even before scrolling through your profile.) 

If your highlights aren’t on point, you risk losing a potential follower/customer. Design highlight buttons that integrate seamlessly with the rest of your account to give your profile a clean look.

Once your account is set up and looking fresh, promote it across your other social media accounts and make sure it can be easily clicked through to your website. 

There’s plenty more to do to build your Instagram brand identity, but if you start with these tips — and stay consistent — the results will come.

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