WARNING: Don’t Make These 4 Facebook Advertising Mistakes

By Jennifer Engevik - November 18, 2019 3758 Views
Facebook Advertising Mistakes
By Jennifer Engevik - November 18, 2019 3759 Views

Avoid These 4 Facebook Advertising Mistakes at All Costs

According to a recent report, Facebook advertising spend is expected to reach $25.56 billion by the end of 2019. This means there’s been a whopping 107% increase from 2016.

This means that numerous advertisers are doing amazing things and seeing results — BUT it also means that tons are making Facebook advertising mistakes and pouring money down the drain in an effort to get it right.

To help you avoid some of the most costly mistakes, we’ve taken a deep dive into five of the most common errors companies and brands are making every day.

If you find yourself making them, we strongly recommend that you make adjustments ASAP.

#1- Don’t Select the Wrong Ad Objective for your Ads

First and foremost, you’ve got to know the “whys” behind what you’re doing. What is your goal with your Facebook ad campaign? Do you want to drive conversions? Are you looking for more page likes? Need to drive app installs?

Selecting the wrong objective leads to money down the drain, lack of necessary data to make optimizations and frustration.

We’ve developed the following chart to help guide you down the right path:

#2 – Don’t Guess at Where Your Online and Call Conversions Are Coming From

Once you’ve got your objective in place and you’re reaching your target audience, it’s vital that you know where your conversions are coming from. Assuming won’t get you anywhere.

As you already know, Facebook Ads Manager has the power to measure online results. You’ll never have to guess how many clicks, impressions, and website conversions you have, but when it comes to orders by phone that was generated by your Facebook efforts, it’s hard to measure.

Unless… you invest in a bit of conversion intelligence. There’s a solution called DialogTech that can actually tie inbound calls to Facebook ads. Once data is gathered, it’s easy to push that data into Facebook Ads Manager for a full data set.

#3 –  Don’t Get Stuck in the Stale Image Rut

Testing images is one of THE most important things you can do. Sometimes we all get in an image rut. We don’t test enough and find new/innovative images that will fuel the clicks and conversions you need.

If you find your conversions dwindling and haven’t A/B tested images. It’s suggested you test between 3-5 new images. AND make sure that you’re only testing one variable at a time.

For example, testing image/headline combinations while also testing the main copy within an ad should be a no-go. Once you have your images and headlines nailed, you may want to consider tweaking your main ad copy — or the other way around.

It’s also a great idea to see what competitors in your space are using for images. If you haven’t tried AdBeat to find out what your competitors are doing with image and headline combos, you should definitely give it a whirl.

#4 – Don’t Spend Based on Your Hunches

Data, data data! You’ve got to keep drilling it into your head — hunches should never drive your decisions.

Yes, there are moments when you get a gut feeling and you’re 100% on track, but it’s imperative you back your hunches up with real data.

Facebook’s data tools are becoming more and more robust, but you can definitely trek further into the world of data with these tools.

For example, Social Bakers not only gives you data surrounding your own efforts, but it allows you to gain perspective on what and how your competitors are up to. And Rival IQ actually lets you know when one of your competitors has changed a single word on their Facebook page text.

The more data and info you’ve got at your fingertips, the more confident you will be you’re spending your money wisely.

The secret to scaling is knowing you’ve got your funnels nailed. Data, if used correctly, will show you where the kinks are — from the images you use in your Facebook ads — to the copy you use — to the landers you push users to — to the pixels you place — to the moment a conversion is recorded.

Bonus Tip: And don’t forget to have some fun.

There’s a fine balance when it comes to success in the world of Facebook advertising.

If you’re reading this post, we’re guessing you’ve got a product you’re proud of and/or services that can add value to your customers’ lives. Find time for your vision and to fuel your creativity. Don’t let the data game get you down — it’s a fine balance!

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