7 Tips for Marketing a Service-Based Business

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7 tips for marketing a service-based business featured
7 tips for marketing a service-based business featured

Marketing a service-based business, rather than a product, requires a different approach. 

There are some common denominators, such as ensuring that your branding is on point. But how branding should be approached for each is also very different. 

Marketing a Service-Based Business

Strategies for Marketing a Service

Services are intangible, perishable, and have varying non-standardized prices.

Because services are performed and there is no inventory, they’re the absolute opposite of a product in many ways. As a result, the marketing strategies for services and products can’t be the same.

With that in mind, here are seven tips for marketing a service-based business.

1. Clarity

One reason entrepreneurs or marketing campaigns fail is that what the service is and how it will improve the lives of others is not clear. 

If you’re trying to clarify what your service offers in marketing, make sure that you:

  • Have a clear offering, such as a phrase or sentence that requires no extra explanation
  • Provide a solution to your customers that isn’t confusing
  • Have a simple, easy-to-follow purchase process

In the image below, Lemonade provides clarity in a way that also deconstructs any negative feelings that are normally associated with the insurance niche. 

image source

2. Target Audience & Customers

If you aim too broadly you will waste resources and too finitely you may be missing out on customers with a big-spending capacity. 

To find out who your audience is and then segment it, make sure you know their:

  • Age range
  • Marital status
  • Income level
  • Gender

3. Copy and Content

Good content attracts customers, and giving away valuable content for free builds credibility for your paid services. 

When you’re deciding what content to produce, ask yourself what your customers already know and what they need to know. Start with clear summaries and descriptions of the services you offer. 

Keep generating unique content by creating infographics, and by incorporating client stories and testimonials. You can also try before and after photos (where allowed of course), behind the scenes and, if appropriate, something cute like animals.

Further, remember to link new posts to your existing related content. And make your site as interactive as possible and prevent confusion. 

4. Social Media

  • When you’re marketing a service on Facebook, your ads and your page need to be engaging. Ads should drive awareness with clear calls to action.
  • Use Linkedin ads to target professionals. If you are offering B2B services this could be the best fit.
  • Snapchatters are 34% more likely to support a local business than non-Snapchatters, so if you’re a local business you may be able to leverage this as well.

5. Be Customizable

Whenever possible, make customer interactions personal by using their names. Reward customers’ loyalty with discounts or complimentary upgrades.

Collect actionable data about your customers in order to customize accordingly. This data should include purchase history, previous issues that have been addressed, and other preferences. 

Try to meet customers’ needs when they make special requests. And if you have to deal with their personal complaints, try to meet their specific requests head-on to generate better reviews and testimonials

6. Build Trust

When you’re marketing a service-based business, building trust is essential.

Satisfied customers become repeat customers and referrals, which improves sales. You’ll also create supporters who will write positive reviews and defend your service against negative reviews or trolls.

In your marketing content, don’t over-sell. Instead, teach and educate your customers. 

There is a much greater chance people will buy if they are educated by the content. Useful content makes you more trustworthy. 

Also, if you make a promise, make sure that you follow through on it, even if you regret it. Not enough brands are doing this, so you can stand out by being honest. And again, whenever possible, connect personally and be authentic.

7. Learn from the Best

Here are a couple of ads from service-based businesses to inspire you and get your creative juices flowing.


Trello, a project management software-as-a-service (SaaS), has a catchy slogan and an easy to see call-to-action:

trello marketing a service-based business
image source

Design Pickle

Design Pickle provides quirky, attention-grabbing creative. And their ad is straight to the point.

design pickle
image source

Uber Eats

Food delivery service Uber Eats keeps its branding on point with a simple, direct, attention-grabbing offer in this ad. Money!

ubereats marketing a service-based business
image source

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