Effective Content For Top, Middle, and Bottom of the Funnel Marketing

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top bottom funnel marketing featured
top bottom funnel marketing featured

In the most common and simple terms, the marketing funnel is the buyer’s journey from discovery of what you are offering to conversion. 

Once upon a time, the marketing funnel was simple, and it narrowed as the customer got closer to converting.

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However, things have changed as consumers have gotten savvier. Other variables like information overload and a crowded marketplace can make the structure seem more complex. 

But having sound marketing funnels is still the key to improving conversions. In fact, well-designed marketing funnels are 62% more likely to close high-quality sales. So let’s see how to map out this journey for your customers successfully.

1. The Top of Funnel (TOF)

This is where you generate leads and bring people in from the ‘cold’. 

This is like a first date — you need to impress and put your best foot forward. But you don’t know exactly who you are talking to so you can’t sell yourself or be too pushy. 

cold lead strategies

Goals for Top of Funnel Marketing

  • Improve website engagement
  • SEO ranking
  • Sign up to emails and/or follow your brand
  • Rank for keywords
  • Generate leads

Effective Top of Funnel Content

  • Blog posts
  • Pop-ups
  • Social media posts
  • Infographics and explainers 
  • How to’s

2. The Middle of Funnel (MOF)

What happens in the middle of the funnel? 

Here leads have already been generated and are ‘warm’. These leads know about your offer and/or brand but might not be ready to commit yet. But they’re definitely interested and are worth pursuing. 

middle of funnel marketing warm leads

Goals for Middle of Funnel Marketing

  • Customer acquisition
  • Education
  • Keep customers engaged

Effective Middle of Funnel Content

  • Newsletters that are crafted specifically for this group of customers
  • Data-driven, well-researched eBooks
  • Case Studies that show success in similar businesses (especially for B2B)
  • FAQs
  • Statistics

3. The Bottom of Funnel (BOF)

If your leads have reached the bottom of the funnel, you should be happy. They are ‘hot’. 

hot leads strategy

You’ve already put in the hard work to get them this far, so it’s important to get this part right. 

Bottom of Funnel Marketing Goals

  • Conversion
  • Drive traffic

Effective Bottom of Funnel Content

  • Case Studies that include interviews
  • Brand alternative comparisons that show off how good your offer is
  • A demo or a page with product features
  • Testimonials and/or reviews
  • Pricing plans with a most popular option highlighted

What Can Go Wrong?

There are various concerns that can arise throughout the marketing funnel. This can include attracting an audience, producing the right content, and external factors like reviews and comments. 

What can you do?

It is important to evaluate the traffic quality on each channel, respond to comments and reviews, and make sure content is diverse enough for each stage of the funnel. 

It’s also important to continually improve your on-site user experience at all stages and use remarketing ads.

Final Thoughts on Funnel Marketing

Understanding funnels ensures clarity and focus at each stage. This makes it possible to refine the strategy at various stages if necessary. Not just that but understanding the process helps to stop leaks and handle issues external to the funnel correctly. 

Knowing and understanding your customers well builds better relationships. A good funnel will demonstrate this to customers and clients at every stage. So take the time now to fine-tune your content and messaging to ensure a smooth journey.

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